Shri Ram ka vada kharch kam munafa jyada

Quality Focus

... BARCHA (Alphacypermethrin 10% EC), QUICK (Quinalphos 25% EC), KARANT (Lambda-cyhalothrin 2.5% EC), DYNA (Profenofos 40% + Cypermethrin 4 % EC), TEER (Propiconazole 25% EC), SHREE RAM PADAM PLUS (Hexaconazole 5% SC), TOUCH CLEAN (Glyphosate 41% SL), SHREE RAM PARTAP (Pretilachlor 50% EC), etc. After the products are manufactured through latest machines, we carry out a stringent quality check process. This rigorous quality check is carried out by our expert quality analysts. Each product is thoroughly checked under strict parameters and then packed in a safe manner. Our packers seal the products in a safe manner and make sure that no damage occurs during its transport.

Product Range




DAANVIR (Fipronil 5% SC)

QUICK (Quinalphos 25% EC)

BARCHA (Alphacypermethrin 10% EC)

KARANT (Lambda-cyhalothrin 2.5% EC)

CARTAP (Cartap Hydrochloride 4% GR)

SHREE RAM RAKSHA (Lambda-cyhalothrin 5% EC)

DYNA (Profenofos 40% + Cypermethrin 4 % EC)

SHREE RAM KUNDAL (Chlorpyriphos 20% EC)

CYPER (Cypermethrin 25% EC)

SHREE RAM KUNDAL-TC (Chlorpyriphos 20% EC)

COZER (Imidacloprid 70% WG)

SHREE RAM EKTA (Thiamethozam 25% WG)

AKROSH (Triazophos 40% EC)

CHAKRA (Phorate 10% CG)

SHREE RAM TAHALKA (Buprofezin 25% SC)

SHREE RAM CHARAN (Acetamaprid 20% SP)

SHREE RAM KEWAT (Imidacloprid 30.5% SC)


SHREE RAM BALI ( Sulphur 80% WDG)

DHANUSH (Tricyclazole 75% WP)

STOP ( Carbendazim 12% + Mancozed 63% WP)

TEER (Propiconazole 25% EC)

SEARL (Carbendazim 50% SC)

SHREE RAM PADAM PLUS (Hexaconazole 5% SC)


TOUCH CLEAN (Glyphosate 41% SL)

SHREE RAM PARTAP (Pretilachlor 50% EC)

FINISH (2,4-D Amine Salt 58% SL)

SHREE RAM KAWACH (Metsulfuron 20% WP)

AZADI (Clodinafop-Propargyl 15% WP)

JET (Nitrobenzene 20% SL)

In addition, we also offer a wide range of high quality Pesticide, Organc Pesticide, Agricultural Pesticides, Weedicide, Termiticide, Household and Growth Promoters.

Why Us?

Our organization has earned a formidable position in the market for providing clients with high quality range of products at reasonable prices.  Owing to the following reasons, we have got an edge over other market players:  

Client Satisfaction

... We specially train our team to work according to the requirements of our esteemed clients. Our manufacturing team is kept well informed by our sales and marketing team, who stays in constant touch with our clients. It is through the ceaseless supply of high quality products that we have been able to earn a huge number of reputed clients. Our prestigious clients have regularly appreciated our efforts towards fulfilling their varying requirements, which has further motivated us to improve our services.